Welcome to the Northen California Paintball Theft Database.


Our goal is to stop paintball thefts in Northern California. From the Humboldt county,to the Bay Area, to Fresno. Paintball thefts lately have become a growing occurance. Shops, fields, and players alike have all become victim to robberies, scams, and  thefts.


Our website holds the most up-to-date information of all missing items, including markers, clothing, barrel sleeves, and all other paintball related items.


We have a small crew of volunteers who endlessly search the local Craiglists, check/call pawnshops, browse eBay, PBnation, TechPB, and Mcarterbrown to find all missing property and get them back to their rightful owners.


We hope you'll continuously come back to use this site as a reference for all your preventative, and reactive needs.